Childhood is a magical duration for kids, which sets the foundation for learning, development, and relationship later in time. Socializing and learning start at a really young age. That is why a lot of parents prefer to send their kids to a daycare to enhance the socializing and learning skills of the kids, in order to maximize the social benefits provided by daycares.

Many people think that daycare is only a preferable option for those parents who need someone to look after their child. In reality, a high quality early learning academy can be an excellent venue to improve the development of various skills in young kids. If you are also wondering which daycare would be good for your kid or not, then you need to look at the social benefits provided by daycares:


Social Benefits Provided by Daycares

Let’s look at some of the top benefits your kid can get from a children’s academy:


1. Social Benefits Provided by Daycares: Routines & Schedules

A daycare can help a kid learn about schedules and routines – The majority of daycare centers schedule different learning and fun activities, which contribute towards the physical and intellectual growth of the children.

Since these activities are scheduled and structured, it helps a toddler to understand the concept of routines and schedules. This can benefit the parents at home since the child will become accustomed to routines and schedules.


2. Increased Confidence

Being surrounded by other children at a young age allows a toddler to learn important concepts about socializing. This allows them to feel comfortable and confident in social settings. In fact, this increased confidence in social settings can help a kid throughout their lives, even into adulthood.

Childcare can be considered as an early learning academy in which a child gets early education on how to improve communication skills and to feel confident in any social setting.


3. Self-regulation

In an early learning academy, children manage thoughts and feelings to enable goal-directed actions. Children find ways to cope with strong feelings so they don’t become overwhelmed; they learn to focus and shift attention; and successfully control behaviors required to get along with others and work towards goals.

Since the personalities and minds of all kids are different, being surrounded by so much diversity allows a kid to learn valuable lessons. Among all the other social benefits provided by daycares, a rather prominent one is self-regulation among kids.


4. Smooth kindergarten Transition

A child who is enrolled in a good daycare becomes easily accustomed to the structured and scheduled environment of kindergarten (early education). In many quality daycare centers, the care providers and teachers use a lot of engaging and fun activities to introduce the kids to various concepts of numbers and alphabets.

Moreover, when a child joins formal schooling, the transition is usually smooth if they had gone to daycare — one thing to note here, though, is that not all daycares are created equal. If you want to get the benefits mentioned on this page, you should do proper research on which childcare center is providing quality services in your area.


5. Improved Communication

A daycare environment can prove to be an excellent venue for your child to learn & even to improve their communication skills. Normally, some kids are chatty and very talkative, while others prefer to communicate non-verbally.

Regardless of the communication preferences, daycare provides the perfect opportunity for your child to improve their communication skills. Many daycare facilities put a lot of emphasis on articulation and communication skills. In fact, improving communication skills at an early stage can help a kid later down the road as it is one of the most important social skills.


6. Academic Achievements

A lot of scientific studies have shown that children who spend time in a good daycare at a young age tend to show better cognitive performance in their teen years. So another amazing benefit of spending time at daycare is in the form of academic achievements, which can contribute towards the future success of your child.

But, in order to get benefits like this, the childcare center you choose must have a lot of opportunities and support to ensure that a child\’s cognitive and physical skills are polished and enhanced.


7. Social Benefits Provided by Daycares: Executive Function Skills

Executive function is a set of skills that use three brain functions; working memory, cognitive flexibility, and self-control cooperatively to help children and adults regulate and adapt their behaviors. Executive function skills help individuals focus their attention, juggle and complete multiple tasks, and remember instructions.

Young children with strengthened executive function skills are more prepared to attend kindergarten than their peers. Children who have developed executive function skills earlier are more likely to be able to regulate their emotions. They are more able to focus their attention and follow directions. They are able to transition from an early childhood education setting to a more formal education setting. Children will strengthen executive function skills, can be persistent, complete multiple tasks, and function in social situations. All these skills will help children achieve high goals socially and academically.

Humans are born with the ability to develop executive function skills. There are several activities adults can do with children, starting in infancy to help children develop their executive function skills.

  • Infants
    • Play lap games with infants
    • Play hiding games with infants
    • Imitation or copying games with infants
    • Singing and do the hand motions to fingerplay songs
    • Talk to and with infants
  • Toddlers
    • play active movement games
    • Singing and doing the hand motions to fingerplay songs
    • Talk with them about feelings
    • Tell stories about shared events
    • Play sorting games
    • Do simple puzzles
    • Play imaginary play
  • Preschoolers
    • Play high-level imaginary play
    • Encourage children to tell stories
    • Act out stories
    • Play active movement games and music
    • Participate in matching and sorting activities
    • Do complicated puzzles
    • Cooking projects
    • Play cooperative board games


8. Building Relationships

Another important skill that your child can learn from attending daycare is how to make friends. In a quality daycare, a child develops a tolerance for other kids at a young age and learns how to get along with others.

An experience like this at such a young age can help a child learn how to make friends which helps a lot in school, college, work, and even in personal life. To build strong relationships, one needs to possess a lot of social skills – In a daycare, a child gets to experience a lot of things that contribute towards learning how to build relationships and to make friends.


9. Independence

A child who attends a daycare learns how to be independent at a very young age since they are forced to be away from their parents. Learning to be independent at such a young age encourages the children to interact with others in the daycare, which can help them a lot even when they attend school.

When such kids attend school, they interact with other children in the classroom and even with teachers. In fact, such kids are also open to new things and experiences.

Being independent comes with a lot of other benefits, such as improved self-confidence, decision-making power, and so on.


10. Social Benefits Provided by Daycares: The Sparkles! Effect

Started as a home based day-care business in 1991, Sparkles! Early Learning Academy is committed to earning trust with the families that we serve, and to developing partnerships in the Northern Virginia community, around the D.C. Metropolitan Area.

Every child, family member, employee and partners that shape our education centers are based on love and respect. We strongly believe that children thrive in an environment where they can explore new opportunities, experiment with ideas, and build on their skills.


Learn More About The Social Benefits Provided by Daycares

If you are ready to take the next step and start providing your child with the social benefits provided by daycares, click here. We currently have two locations for your every need. One location is at Crystal City, and the other one is at Fair Oaks. For a free consultation with one of our staff members, call now: (703) 940-1632.

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