Our Curriculum

Research-Based Creative Curriculum

At Sparkles, our goal is to utilize proven, research-based curriculum resources designed to produce creative, confident thinkers. Using the nationally recognized Creative Curriculum system, we incorporate the latest research and best practices to address the learning needs of infants, toddlers, and preschool children by using age-specific objectives for learning and development. These objectives have been identified as strong predictors of school and life success, building traits associated with leadership.

Creative Curriculum’s content is aligned with Virginia’s Foundation Blocks for Early Learning, Virginia State Learning Standards, and national universal preschool/kindergarten readiness initiatives, meaning your child will be prepared for success at school from Day 1.

Study units support the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) approach to learning, with highly interactive activities to promote critical thinking, problem-solving and team-building skills, enabling children to experience learning in fun and exciting ways!

To help you gain a realistic understanding of what the children learn and when they learn it, we have provided the following child development chart.

Infant = Infants  |  Toddlers = Toddlers  |  Preschool = Preschool  |  Pre-K = Pre-K

Regulates own emotion and behaviors ToddlersPreschoolPre-K
Establishes and sustains postive relationships ToddlersPreschoolPre-K
Participates cooperatively and constructively in group situations ToddlersPreschoolPre-K
Demonstrates traveling skillsInfantsToddlersPreschoolPre-K
Demonstrates balancing skills ToddlersPreschoolPre-K
Demonstrates gross-motor manipulative skills  PreschoolPre-K
Demonstrates fine-motor strength and coordination  PreschoolPre-K
Listens to and understands increasingly complex language  PreschoolPre-K
Uses language to express thoughts and needs  PreschoolPre-K
Uses appropriate conversational and other communication skills   Pre-K
Demonstrate positive approaches to learning  PreschoolPre-K
Remembers and connects experiences  PreschoolPre-K
Uses classification skills ToddlersPreschoolPre-K
Uses symbols and images to represent something not present ToddlersPreschoolPre-K
Demonstrates phonological awareness, phonics skills, and word recognition  PreschoolPre-K
Demonstrates knowledge of the alphabet ToddlersPreschoolPre-K
Demonstrates knowledge of print and its uses  PreschoolPre-K
Comprehends and responds to books and other texts ToddlersPreschoolPre-K
Demonstrates writing skills   Pre-K
Uses number concepts and operations ToddlersPreschoolPre-K
Explores and describes spatial relationships and shapes  PreschoolPre-K
Compares and measures  PreschoolPre-K
Demonstrates knowledge of patterns ToddlersPreschoolPre-K
Our Classes follow the

Creative Curriculm

Innovative & Responsive

Our curriculum is innovative as our resources, teaching strategies, and projects are adapted based on new research aimed at proving a better early childhood education.

Developmentally Appropriate

Each grade has its own guidelines and metrics for measuring success that is appropriate among the age group of the class as set forth by state and national learning guidelines.


At SPARKLES! our teachers support every step of the way through the entire learning journey. Our curriculum also provides guidance and support to the teachers as well as navigating new topics.


Our curriculum abides to state and national early learning guidelines in addition to aligning wit the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework.

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