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Importance of Healthy Eating Habits From a Young Age

At SPARKLES! we are committed to providing the highest standards of nutrition as this is important at every age. Your children need the proper nutrients to stay healthy and grow strong so they can continue working on those fine and gross motor skills. In addition, nutrition plays a huge role in brain development and in their growing hormones.

We are committed to teach our students the importance of good nutrition, and help your children establish healthy eating habits. The more your child understands about nutrition, the more excited they will be about eating healthy.

When children are excited about eating healthy it increases their chances of establishing healthy eating habits when they are older and they can apply these habits throughout life. 


Proper nutrition is crucial to early childhood development. So here at Sparkles!, we include balanced snacks and meals in your tuition, giving you one less thing to worry about as you start your day. Menus change monthly, and all Sparkles! locations are peanut-free. Ask your center director about our vegetarian and gluten-free options.


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