The teachers at Sparkles not only love their jobs, but they have worked for Sparkles! for many years, appreciating Sparkles! extended hours, the curriculum and, of course, their time with the children.

The lead teacher at Chantilly, Miriam Rocha has worked with Sparkles! children for ten years. She says her favorite part of the job is teaching the children, but circle time is her favorite part of the day. She also enjoys playing with the children in the dramatic play center.  Miriam says she loves it when the children share about their families and what they like to do outside of Sparkles!.

When asked what she thinks Sparkles! has to offer that other childcare centers do not, Miriam says the longer hours that provide flexibility.  She also says Sparkles! provides “excellent loving care for the children…the teachers care for the children as if they are their own children.”

What would she tell parents who are enrolling their children at Sparkles? “The curriculum is excellent,” she says. “We teach the children manners, sign language and Spanish.  And [I would tell them] about the loving care we provide for the children.”

Miriam recalls a story. “A child of mine went out of town to Oklahoma, and I said to her, ‘I am going to miss you while you are gone,’ and the child said, ‘I am going to tell my mom that she has to buy you a ticket so you can go with us on our trip, because I am going to miss you too.’”

To learn more about Miriam and our Chantilly center, please plan to visit. We\’d love to meet you!


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