Ana Guerrero at the Fair Oaks center has worked at Sparkles! for fifteen years. Her favorite part of the job is “watching the children learn and grow” and “helping them in their development or learning areas.” Ana says Sparkles! is different because “Sparkles! prepares their children to learn basic education for school. Sparkles! also has convenient hours and accessibility at their centers.

“This is a great place for children to grow in a familiar place where there is everything necessary for their development,” she says.

When asked about stories she has about the children, Ana says, “This week’s topic was ‘giving to others,’ and during circle time, my children and I were talking about how we could give to others. I explained that it was good to help others. One of the children said that their father gave money to a person that needed it. I love seeing the children pay attention to details when others do not think twice about it.”

Sandra Gonzalez, also at Fair Oaks, has been with Sparkles! for sixteen years. She says her favorite part of the job is getting “to meet so many families and take care of the most important person in their families.”   What does Sparkles! offer that other daycares do not? Like the other teachers, Sandra believes it’s “the flexibility in the hours of operation.” She also says Sparkles! always trains the staff to provide better service to the families. And, “We offer quality time to take care of our children and families.”

When asked about her time spent with the children, Sandra says, “There are so many stories, but when the children start walking or talking is the most amazing experience.”

If you would like to learn more about our teachers and curriculum, contact us. We’d be happy to arrange a visit.


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