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How to Get Past Stubbornness

If you’ve ever tried to stuff a toddler into a car seat as she alternates between her best wet noodle impression and screaming like an air-raid siren, you know the struggle of dealing with children’s stubbornness. Usually starting around toddlerhood, children begin to realize they are separate people from their parents and begin asserting their […]

Is There a Link Between the Use of Electronics and ADHD? 

Chickens or eggs — which came first? That seems to be the crux of the argument when it comes to ADHD. Well, not the chickens and eggs, but a similar query of whether overuse of electronic media causes ADHD or ADHD causes kids to over use electronic media. Want some details? Here are the two […]

7 Ways to Cope With Tantrums

You’re at the grocery store checkout trying to wrangle several writhing children past stacks and stacks of delectable trans-fats and high fructose corn syrup when it hits — the candy-induced tantrum. Your sweet little baby that you so lovingly rocked to sleep each night transforms into a blur of fists and a cacophony of screams […]

Get Your Little One Hooked on Books

By now, most parents know that early exposure to reading, especially from birth until age 3, is key to helping children develop language skills and foster a love of reading and writing. According to zerotothree.org, “We now know that children gain significant knowledge of language, reading, and writing long before they enter school. Children learn […]

Beyond Googoo and Gaga: How Your Child Learns to Talk

From the moment your child is born, you wonder what is going on inside his or her mind. The first few months you’re just guessing what this cry or that whimper means. Soon you hear “ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba” coming through the baby monitor in the morning. And then one day, seemingly out of the clear blue sky, […]

Fifteen Potty-Training Incentives for Your Little One

One of the best ways to potty train your little one is to give positive associations with using the bathroom. To do that, sometimes it takes a little reinforcement. Every child is different, so every incentive may not work with every child, but trial and error can help you figure out what works best for […]

Kids’ Funny Food Hangups (and Why They Might Have Them)

Kids have funny hangups, starting from toddlerhood on up, particularly with food.  Whether it’s texture, color, taste or appearance, food has a way of taking shape in a child’s mind, and we don’t always understand it.  We have found some funny food hangups we thought we would share with you, as well as some reasons […]

I Know How You Feel: Lessons in Empathy

How many times have you wished someone would understand how you are feeling? No matter our age, we all need to know we aren’t alone in experiencing the emotions we do. The need begins in childhood, and it can only be met if we receive and give empathy. Empathy is a crucial part of development […]

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