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Seven Reasons Routines are Good for Kids

As adults, we might get a little bored with them, but then again, it’s not about us, right?  It’s about the kids, and kids need

Six Elements of a Good Childcare Curriculum

In a previous article, we said a good childcare curriculum should be age appropriate and have activities that support communication, language and literacy; social skills

Sparkles! Teacher Interview: Ana Guerrero

Ana Guerrero at the Fair Oaks center has worked at Sparkles! for fifteen years. Her favorite part of the job is “watching the children learn

Sparkles! Teacher Interview: Miriam Rocha

The teachers at Sparkles not only love their jobs, but they have worked for Sparkles! for many years, appreciating Sparkles! extended hours, the curriculum and,

How To Raise Emotionally Healthy Children

Feeling Respected, Important, Accepted, Included and Secure The holidays your family chooses to celebrate offer great ways to help your children feel included which is