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We are a nurturing daycare and preschool dedicated to building tomorrow's leaders by achieving developmental milestones through play-based learning. Schedule a tour.

Welcome to SPARKLES! Daycare and Preschool

Our daycare and preschool takes pride in our extraordinary curriculum through play-based learning that prepares all of our students for Kindergarten! From 6 weeks of age until Pre-K, we are here every step of the way for all our students. From dedicated teachers and office staff to our curricular activities, we make learning fun. 

We take pride in building tomorrow’s leaders, and many of our SPARKLES! alumni are considered exemplar students when they step to kindergarten. All of this is possible, thanks to our amazing staff, and our play-based approach to all our curricular activities. From sensory play, physical and cognitive development, to emotional and social skills. We give our children all the tools and resources they need to strive. 

What We Offer


Starting from 6 weeks of age, we provide daycare services up to 4 years of age focusing on achieving key milestones which include cognitive, physical, and emotional development., among others.


Our Pre-K class focuses on the creative curriculum, exploring a new world of numbers, science, math, and reading all while continuing to practice social and physical skills, in order to shape the path to Kindergarten.

Before & After Care

Before and after care available for all our students to provide a social and learning environment where students can enhance social and physical skills, and so much more!

Virginia Preschool Initiative Program

We are proud to participate in the Virginia Preschool Initiative Program through Fairfax County, which provides additional resources to our preschool program, children, and families with the shared goal of achieving Kindergarten readiness.


Our Daycare and Preschool Builds Tomorrow's Leader

Our five-step Building Tomorrow’s Leaders approach allows children to learn key social skills necessary for them to excel today, tomorrow, and for many years to come​​. Sparkles! focuses on five core areas:

  1. Character/Confidence Building. We work to acknowledge and encourage your child as they demonstrate such traits as initiative, compassion, and perseverance in the course of their daily activities.
  2. Social Skills & Manners. We provide support for children as they gain the ability to regulate their own emotions and behaviors, establish and maintain positive relationships with others.
  3. Problem Solving and Critical Thinking. We encourage your child to try new approaches when they make mistakes, teaching them problem-solving and resilience through trial and error.
  4. Team-Building. The tools of being a great team player – collaboration, compromise, sharing, humility – are also the tools of being a great leader. We encourage children to be comfortable both independently, and as part of a team.
  5. Community Awareness. Children have many questions about the world around them. We strive to teach them about diversity, charity and cultural awareness, giving them a broader view of their community.

Our Vision

Our vision is to earn trust as we develop partnerships while providing the best quality childcare possible. Looking to the future, we continue to explore innovative ideas to be a better support system for both our families and our community. Furthermore, we aim to be an advocate, protector, and defender of all children and of those that are not able to care for or defend themselves.

Our Mission

By serving as a trusted extension of your family, Sparkles! strives to provide a unique learning childcare experience in a secure and nurturing environment.



Providing Peace of Mind By Providing Parents With Secure Live Streaming of Our Classrooms Through 'Watch Me Grow'

Live Streaming Cams

All our classrooms are equipped with secure video streaming through Watch Me Grow, so parents can have access to their child's class and can follow along during the day to curricular activities.

BrightWheel App

SPARKLES! allows parents to stay connected with the teachers through the BrightWheel app to follow their child's progress day by day, attendance tracking, and daily reports.

Entrance Code

Only parents and teachers have an access code that is required to enter. Those that do not have the code even if authorized for pick-up have to ring in and be brought in by our office staff.

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Since 1991, SPARKLES! have helped children reach important milestones!

Sparkles! is committed to supporting children and their families in order to help make a better community and pave the way for a better future. Using developmentally appropriate practices, we strive to provide high-quality educational services. In this way, we prepare our students for school and leadership as they become inquisitive, confident life-long learners.

Our centers are conveniently located in Fair Oaks and Crystal City. Contact us today to schedule a tour!


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