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Let\’s Learn the Alphabet!

Learning the alphabet is an important milestone for many toddlers and Pre-K students. At Sparkles! our curriculum focuses heavily on helping our children learn the alphabet. This will help them transition into learning the pronunciation of the letters, and consequently, reading.

The alphabet and its letters are the building blocks of literacy. Knowing how they function in writing is crucial to language arts and reading success. There are many ways to teach children, including puzzles, matching games, reading, and songs. Here are a few ways you can help your pre-K student learn the alphabet:

  • Teach with the names of family members or pets since those are familiar to your child
  • Sing alphabet songs. Here are a few you may not know
  • Use alphabet flashcards. Choose ones with simple, colorful images
  • Eat foods shaped like letters. Have fun with making letter-shaped food, alphabet soup or
  • Play with alphabet magnets or foam bath letters
  • Read stories that play on alliteration. This is fun and creates an understanding of the sounds a letter makes.

Most of all, have fun!  You are creating memories and strengthening your child’s future literacy success!

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