Tips for Dropping off Your Children at Sparkles!

\"SparklesIt can be heartbreaking, having your children cry when you drop them off at daycare. You know they are in a great place where they are loved, but still, guilt can creep in, and you start questioning how you could better deal with transitioning from home to the childcare center. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Take a look at the tips below, and know we at Sparkles! support you and your children every step of the way.

  1. Give yourself and your children enough time in the morning. Starting the day off frazzled can make for stressful drop-offs and stressful days in general. The calmer you are, the calmer your children will be by the time you reach the daycare.
  1. Let your children bring a favorite toy or blanket. This will help comfort them and make them feel secure.
  1. Tell your children every day what they can expect when they go to the center. For example, talk about playtime, naptime, lunch, etc. When they are old enough, “quiz” them about what they will do that day at the center.
  1. If you have a picture of your children having fun at Sparkles!, show it to them frequently. That way they remember that Sparkles! is a great place to be. Also talk to them about their teachers and what kinds of activities go on in the center.
  1. Be as consistent as possible. Have the same person drop your children off at the same time every day. Have a positive attitude each time you leave the house and the daycare. Your children will get accustomed to the structure and the reassurance you provide as you stick to a schedule and soothe their nerves.
  1. Take a minute or so to say goodbye to your children, but don’t linger too long, or they will think you are staying. Share some positive statements such as, “Oh! You’re going to have fun today!” After you do so, leave with confidence. Your children can sense if you are reluctant.
  1. Try distraction. Point your children in the direction of some favorite toys or to the window where there might be interesting things to see. Show your children their friends and talk about how much fun they will have together. However, never sneak off.
  1. Talk to your children’s teachers. Smile and ask questions. Use your children’s teachers’ names. The more you connect with the teachers, the more your children will feel the positive bond being created.
  1. If your children are having real difficulty, try holding them closely and rubbing their backs for a few moments. Touch is a very important part of soothing. If possible, hand your children to the teachers to take over when you leave.
  1. Understand your children’s development. Children react differently to transitions at different periods in their lives. An infant, for example, will not have the same reaction to being dropped off as a toddler.
  1. Reassure yourself that you can check in on your children at any time either by calling Sparkles! or using the remote video. The more confident you are, the more confident your children will be.
  1. Remember that children cry when parents leave because they are attached to their parents. This is a positive, not a negative. Reminding yourself of that can help you cope with heading off to work.

At Sparkles! we recognize children will have a certain amount of separation anxiety. We want to work with you and your children to ensure everyone has the best day possible. If you have a concern, let the teachers know so they can help implement a strategy. We understand how important smooth transitions are, and we’re here to help make them happen!




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