Why You Need to Start Looking at Childcare Centers before Your Baby is Born

It might be one of the last things you want to do when you are pregnant – plan to go back to work.  But for many mothers who work outside the home, the reality is, maternity leave is short, and before they know it, they will have to decide who will take care of their precious one during working hours.  We recommend parents start looking at childcare centers before baby arrives.  Here are our top four reasons.

Starting early means you get time to check out options.  Looking up information on childcare centers, researching them and visiting them necessarily takes many hours.  You will want to see the centers and speak with teachers and staff.  You will not want to feel rushed in making your decision, and of course, you will want the best place possible for your child.  Some things you will need to consider are affordability, locality, safety and security, curriculum, reputation, facilities, class size and teacher qualifications.  At Sparkles! we know you need to consider many options, and we will give you all the information you need on our centers to help you make a decision.

Starting early means you get time to budget.  There is no denying it.  Good childcare comes with a cost, and you will need to plan for that cost.  Starting to look for a childcare center early and selecting one before your baby arrives will allow you time to budget and possibly start saving for this additional expense.  Sparkles! wants you to understand the cost of childcare up front and will provide you with the information you need when it’s time to consider your budget.

Starting early helps you avoid waiting lists.  Enrolling your child at a childcare center is not an instantaneous process, and sometimes, there is a waiting list.  When you begin your search for a center early and select one before your baby is born, you can better avoid long waits.  (You also don’t have to rush filling out paperwork!)  Talk to a Sparkles! staff member about the length of the enrollment process and how that relates to your timeline.

Starting early gives you peace of mind so you can focus on birth and motherhood.  This might be the number one reason for looking into childcare centers before baby arrives.  Pregnancy and childbirth are special, and you want to be able to give your baby your full attention without worrying what will happen when you return to work.  Knowing your baby will be cared for in a loving, safe, nurturing environment translates into a calmer, happier mom.  Sparkles! provides a safe, award-winning learning environment while offering parents flexibility and peace of mind.

If you are pregnant and know you will need childcare, contact us today to arrange a visit.  We will provide you with the resources you need to make this all-important decision in a timely manner.  Sparkles! wants you to feel secure in your decision, whatever that may be.

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