Sparkles! Infant and Toddler Programs at Fair Oaks in Fairfax, VA

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building tomorrow's leaders

Our center in Fair Oaks is all about helping parents build tomorrow’s leaders. Through our play-based approach, our students are able to thrive in every learning environment once they head off to Kindergarten.

Why? Sparkles! Early Learning Academy is innovative, responsive, developmentally appropriate, comprehensive, and designed to meet the highest standards of early childhood education. 

Our teachers are consistently looking to improve our curriculum and resources through research-proven strategies to provide all our children with a fun, play-based learning experience.

Our daycare in Fair Oaks is also packed with enhanced security measures such as cameras that allow parents live connection to their child’s classroom. 

The Idea

Helping parents build tomorrow's leaders through a research-proven approach aimed at providing high quality early learning education.

Infant One

From sensory play, to exploring new tastes, to learning to roll and crawl our students follow a play-based approach to achieve their milestones. 


6 weeks to 9 months





Infant Two

As our babies are more alert, our students explore music, crawling, walking, and arts & crafts also through a play-based approach to achieve their milestones. 


9 months to 16 months





Toddler One

Here is where the exploring really begins, our walkers go on outdoor activities, dance to playful tunes, explore puppets, and age-appropriate silverware.


16 months to 24 months





Overview Of Our Infant/Toddler Early Learning Experience

For safe, convenient, and flexible Fairfax childcare, come visit Sparkles! Fair Oaks Early Learning Academy, where we engage your child’s natural sense of curiosity, nurturing a lifelong love of learning. Dedicated, caring teachers provide lessons based on Creative Curriculum, which incorporates the latest research and best practices in early childhood development for each age group.

Ready to enroll?

Beginning your enrollment process is simple. Print the Enrollment Package and complete the required sections. You may submit the completed form by fax, mail or email. Additional paperwork will be required for the completion of enrollment. Registration will not be completed until the receipt of a non-refundable registration fee and deposit.


Providing Peace of Mind By Providing Parents With Secure Live Streaming of Our Classrooms Through Watch Me Grow

Live Streaming Cams

All our classrooms are equipped with secure video streaming through Watch Me Grow, so parents can have access to their childs class and can follow along during the day to curricular activities.

BrightWheel App

SPARKLES! allows parents to stay connected with the teachers through the BrightWheel app to follow their childs progress day by day, attendance tracking, and daily reports.

Entrance Code

Only parents and teachers have an access code that is required to enter. Those that do not have the code even if authorized for pick-up have to ring in and be brought in by our office staff.

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