Regulates own emotion and behaviors ToddlersPreschoolPre-K
Establishes and sustains postive relationships ToddlersPreschoolPre-K
Participates cooperatively and constructively in group situations ToddlersPreschoolPre-K

Demonstrates traveling skillsInfantsToddlersPreschoolPre-K
Demonstrates balancing skills ToddlersPreschoolPre-K
Demonstrates gross-motor manipulative skills  PreschoolPre-K
Demonstrates fine-motor strength and coordination  PreschoolPre-K

Listens to and understands increasingly complex language  PreschoolPre-K
Uses language to express thoughts and needs  PreschoolPre-K
Uses appropriate conversational and other communication skills   Pre-K

Demonstrate positive approaches to learning  PreschoolPre-K
Remembers and connects experiences  PreschoolPre-K
Uses classification skills ToddlersPreschoolPre-K
Uses symbols and images to represent something not present ToddlersPreschoolPre-K

Demonstrates phonological awareness, phonics skills, and word recognition PreschoolPre-K
Demonstrates knowledge of the alphabetToddlersPreschoolPre-K
Demonstrates knowledge of print and its uses  PreschoolPre-K
Comprehends and responds to books and other textsToddlersPreschoolPre-K
Demonstrates writing skills  Pre-K

Uses number concepts and operationsToddlersPreschoolPre-K
Explores and describes spatial relationships and shapes  PreschoolPre-K
Compares and measuresPreschoolPre-K
Demonstrates knowledge of patterns ToddlersPreschoolPre-K

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